Best Free VPN 2021- The Definitive Guide

  • Mary Cuver
  • 26 Jan 2021

We have hand-picked some of the best free VPN with exceptional performance and protection levels. Check out our list of best free VPN to entertain yourself with online freedom and sterling privacy features. 

The best free VPN services provide you a safe road to all blocked streaming sites with total anonymity. You can freely browse any site that you want without leaving any tracks.

Although this tempting notion of the best free VPN service sounds great, is a free VPN worth it? And what are you going to sacrifice to avail this absolute anonymity online?

Check out all of the answers in this blog from A to Z, and luckily if a free VPN is the ultimate solution, then which one will give the best shot? Just roll over to meet your needs.

If you are looking for the best free VPN for android Tv or the best free VPN for Mac, iOS/iPhone Windows, Chrome, Firefox, this blog will serve you best.

How does a Free VPN work?

The VPN company uses an encrypted connection between your computer and the VPN server. It is a sort of protected tunnel where all the network activity passes from. When the VPN hides your IP, no one can monitor your activity, and your data will be protected.

The VPN provider protects your privacy when you log in from public places, Hotels, airports, or any public spot. Also, people use VPNs to access the online content banned in their area because of the regional laws. So, if you log in through a VPN, it will create an IP of any other region which allows access to the blocked content.

However, not all VPN protects your online privacy. And a study in 2016 by CSIRO in Australia reveals that 67% of the VPN apps recorded users’ online activity, which is an alarming situation because they can sell user data to other companies for ad-retargeting and marketing purposes. Most likely, the free VPN services tend to track your data and sell it to third parties. Another study by CSIRO exposed that 28% of the free VPN services track users’ browsing data.

If you are interested in using a free VPN, it’s smart to become aware of things you should know before using any free VPN.

Is there a completely free VPN?

If you are looking for a completely free VPN, you should consider how you will contribute to their profit instead of using cash. They will most likely use an advertisement to cover their cost or secretly sell your data to third parties unknowingly.

Moreover, the VPNs can offer a limited free trial period or offer a money-back guarantee used in a given period. Or you can face server limitations or servers with a limited amount of bandwidth.

Consequently, you have to compromise on using some of the premium features which free users can access.

Issues you should know about using a free VPN

  • Free VPNs tend to earn through advertisements to earn their profits, and that’s the main reason they can be infected with malware.
  • The study by CSIRO reveals that more than 10% of the free VPNs use trackers for tracking user activities and analytics.
  • Mostly free VPNs slow down your internet connection speed deliberately, so users lean towards paid versions.
  • Studies also reveal that some free VPNs can hijack your browser and then redirect you to other sites without your consent.

Now, let’s dig deeper and check out our list of best free VPN downloads.

Hotspot Shield Free VPN

Free VPN for Windows

Hotspot Shield VPN quick feature list


Ease of Use Yes
Logs might be risky and logs some of the user’s information
Works best with Windows, macOS, IOS, Android, Chrome
Torrenting supported (paid version)
Netflix supported (paid version)
data limit 15 GB per month and 500MB per day
server available 1800 in 54 countries
speed stable and fast browsing with unique catapult Hydra protocol
live chat support 24/7
privacy policy not trustworthy and collects plenty of user’s information
kill switch active for windows only
Ad-blocker not available in the free version


Hotspot shield free VPN offers both free and premium service. The free version comes with a data cap of 500MB per day with a speed limit of 2Mbs. You can use 15GB in a month that is a bit higher than any other free VPN. One of the best features that stands out Hotspot shield is its lightning-fast speed without compromising its security because of its Catapult Hydra protocol. This incredible feature is behind the reliable and stable connection speed across the board. If you choose to spend around 3$ a month, you can use 80 odd countries’ IPs that will let you access anything you want. However, you’ll get only one US-based location that VPN Chooses for you in the free version.

Hotspot Shield VPN Pros and Cons


  • Hotspot VPN is packed with military-grade encryption to protect your privacy online.
  • Simple, sleek, and user-friendly interface that anyone can operate easily
  • Hotspot Shield lets you access your favorite websites and social media apps anywhere in the office or school.
  • You are allowed to use 500MB of data per day and 15GB of data per month
  • The premium version allows access to 1800 servers from 80 countries.
  • Hotspot Shield VPN works very well with Windows, IOS, Android, macOS, and Chrome.


  • The free version has a data cap of only 500MB per day and supported by ads
  • The free version can’t be used for streaming
  • Only one virtual location of US is allowed in the free version



Proton VPN

Free VPN for Android and IOS

Proton VPN quick feature list


Works best with Windows, macOS, IOS, Android, Chrome
Ease of Use yes
Logs No-logs
Torrenting supported (paid version)
Netflix supported (paid version)
data limit unlimited
server available 1060 in 54 countries
speed inconsistent and lagging
live chat support 24/7
privacy policy trustworthy (built-in DNS leak protection)
kill switch active
Ad-blocker active


Proton VPN stands out in the list of free VPNs for its unlimited free data offer. Along with this unlimited free data offer, another big advantage is that it’s ad-free. The free version allows access to three server locations in the US, Netherlands, and Japan. The only downturn using proton VPN is that when all traffic is driven to only three locations, it results in overloading and low speed. If you are using a VPN for streaming or torrent, Proton VPN is not your cup of tea, as you will need a premium plan to use these services.

Proton VPN pros and cons


Comes with an unlimited data download option.

The premium version lets you easily stream US Netflix content

Enjoy boundless privacy as Proton VPN Protects your anonymity with a clear no-log policy

Proton has 1060 servers in 54 countries

Torrenting with Proton is pretty easy. It allows P2P file sharing on any server

Proton comes with a comprehensive built-in DNS leak protection feature that masks your IP to protect your connection

Proton strictly follows a no-logging policy and doesn’t retain your connection, session bandwidth, or IP address details.


No streaming or torrenting with the free version

Speed can be sluggish while streaming


Windscribe VPN

Windscribe Free VPN

Windscribe VPN quick feature list


Works best with Windows, macOS, iOS, Firefox, Chrome, Linux
Ease of Use yes
Logs No-logs
Torrenting supported
Netflix Supported (windflix)
data limit 10 GB per month
server available 10
speed not stable at times
live chat support 24/7
privacy policy excellent


Windscribe is another great VPN on our list, a free version that comes with an attractive 10GB monthly data limit. Also, Windscribe allows generous options to choose your location from 10 remote locations, including UK, Hong Kong, Germany, Canada, and the US. The pro version offer is even more tempting to access unlimited data and 110 distinct server locations from more than 63 countries. Moreover, one big bonus for using Windscribe you can access many pro features like malware protection and adblocking service even with the free version. You’ll enjoy incredible security features and firewall protection that help unexpected leaks by blocking all traffic outside the VPNs secure passageway.  Some other worth mentioning features are robust encryption, torrenting support, and VPNs compatibility with Windows, iOS, Chrome, and macOS.

Windscribe VPN pros and cons


  • Windscribe Free VPN version comes with a 10GB free data offer and unlimited data connections.
  • Allows server access of more than 10 countries
  • Get malware protection and ad-blocking services in the free version too
  • A Secured no-log privacy policy to provide you anonymous privacy.
  • It allows US Netflix streaming and also works with Hulu and HBO.


  • Windscribe’s server speed is pretty sluggish
  • The dedicated Netflix servers are not available with the free version

Speedify VPN

Speedify Free VPN

Speedify VPN quick feature list

Works Best with Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux
Ease of Use yes
Logs No-logs
Torrenting supported
Netflix not supported
data limit 2 GB per month
server available 50
speed not stable at times
live chat support 24/7
privacy policy excellent (chacha encryption cipher technology)
kill switch active
ad blocker active


Speedify, as obvious by its name, is better known for its faster connection speed. Speedify allows multiple internet connections to boost the faster speed by using its channel bonding technology. The free data limit is only 2GB per month, which is only sufficient if you want to update your email or FB status quickly, but it’s not sufficient for torrenting or Netflix streaming. No logs privacy policy keeps your online activity safe with the help of speedy’s exclusive chacha encryption cipher.

Speedify VPN pros and cons


  • 2 GB connection data each month
  • Special VPN protocol supported channel bonding technology to boost connection speed
  • Unique chacha encryption cipher technology to mask your IP address during an online session and keep your privacy protected.
  • The free version is ad-free-free
  • Speedify offers customized packages specific for business uses in the pro version


  • The free version works only with Windows and Mac and not with the Linux distributions. But you can access Linux in 30 days money-back guarantee to check the services.
  • Unable to unblock Netflix from any destination using speedify’s server.


Final Verdict

Finally, here ends our quest for the Best free VPN for a fast and reliable connection worldwide. These free VPNs are safe to use with proper encryption and free of malware download to the user’s device. You can also see a compatibility guide with each VPN so you can find if these VPNs are offering any free app for your device. You can find the best VPN for iPhone, iOS, Windows, Android TV, Chrome Linux, and Firefox from the list I shared above.

Now, it’s time for our final verdict on which VPN I recommend and which is the best VPN for your device. Well! It depends upon your usage and how many devices you want to connect with the VPN. If you are looking for streaming and torrenting, our suggestion is Winscribe, which works pretty smart and offers a winfllix app for Netflix connectivity. Also, if you are looking for a high-speed data download, then do try Speedify.  Best of all, you can try any one of the VPNs mentioned above by testing risk-free 30 days money-back guarantee. And you’ll be able to check all of the premium features at no cost. So, which one you liked the most on our list? Don’t forget to share your opinion in the comment box. It’s over to you now! Best of luck.




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